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Security Patrols in Melbourne

Protecting Gippsland Businesses with Professional Security Services.

Protect your offices, supermarket, restaurant or business with Static Guards

Our fully qualified and highly experienced static guards can attend any site at any time (ad hoc and immediately if necessary), as well as take on jobs in Melbourne and beyond through private clients and large security companies.


24 hr patrols covering the entire East Gippsland and Latrobe Valley region

A vehicle used for security patrols in Melbourne

We make peace of mind very affordable with our scale of operations. We only charge for the time on site checking your premises, not the travel time to and from your location. You only pay for what may be a few minutes at your premises each night.


Ask the right questions when choosing a Security Patrol!

When choosing your security patrol provider, you need to know the company can promise and deliver your number of desired checks per night.

Use a patrol for:

  • Preventative measure to counter threats to your premises out of hours
  • Monitoring your premises throughout the night to make sure it’s not subject to intrusion
  • Removing the need to rely on staff to fully secure lock  up and alarm – leave it to us to lock up each night and even unlock in the mornings
  • Fast response to alarm activation

GPS Fleet Tracking:

We send out vehicle patrols every night across East Gippsland (Bairnsdale & Lakes Entrance as well as surrounding areas) and the Latrobe Valley (Traralgon, Morwell & Moe as well as surrounding areas). Equipped with GPS and top-end surveillance gear, these patrols are conducted by trained security officers who are able to perform systematic security checks of our clients’ properties.

Electronic Attendance Verification:

Premises checks are carried out based on your requests, and can include point of entry sweeps (doors, windows, etc.), lock-up/unlock services, escorts, and alarm responses. In addition to the GPS Fleet Tracking we also use an Electronic Attendance Verification Device that is used in conjunction with strategically placed sensors that are programmed with the site name and location, as the security officer conducts a patrol of an area; they place the recording device onto the sensor which records the site name, sensor location, date and time. This data is live and instantly downloaded into a software program called Seek n Find. The software is then used to generate a number of reports that audit the security officer’s movements and provide a record of visit times at each site.

These Quality Assurance measures offer our clients peace of mind in knowing that we are providing the service they are paying for. If you use a security firm that refuses to use a similar system, you should start asking questions. Just leaving a calling card is not acceptable and does not prove your desired amount of checks have been completed we leave calling cards as well as electronic attendance verification, Security Network prides its self on our accountability to our clients.


Despite our unparalleled security services, 100% security is never guaranteed. Should any major problem arise, Security Network will contact both you and the police immediately.

Regarding minor incidents such as an open entrance, we’ll secure the premises if possible and inform you if not. We always keep your requests and requirements in mind, and can provide you with full officer reports upon request.


*Free Quotes do not apply to electronic security installations.

With offices in Traralgon and Lakes Entrance, we provide professional security services across all areas of Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley, as well as Sale, Warragul, and the Sapphire Coast of NSW with notice. Call us on

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